Selva & Shadow. A permanent, monumental photo mural (in collaboration with Elissa Levy) at 465 Grand Street. Curated by Eileen Jeng Lynch. New York, NY



Fall 2021- Winter 2022. Subductions. Curated by Arden Sherman. Hunter East Harlem Gallery. NY, NY. 

Summer 2020- Art Off Screen curated by Eileen Jeng Lynch. Site specific work, NY, NY

February- April 2018-Shards_ Foil. Curated by Jaime Lavagne and Gregorio Camara. En el Taller de Mateo Maté.  Madrid, Spain

Opening  February 7-April 7, 2018

February 2017. Solo Project Section curated by Tim Goossens. Luis Burgos | Galería de Arte, Madrid, Spain.

August 15 2016- 2017. Glass-Scapes (for M. Green) Curated by Megan Green. Google NY, NY. (Solo/ special commision.)

Nov 2015 to Jan. 2016. Shards_Subduction. Curated by Anastasiya Siro. Robert Miller Gallery. NY, NY.!2015-shardssubduction/c1v8e 

Winter 2012.Co-Workers Project. Solo presentation of Glass-Scapes slideshow curated by Yulia Topchiy. Entwine. NY, NY. 

Summer 2012. Model Theories. Curated by Helena Kauppila and Philip Ording. fordPROJECT. NY,  NY.

3 person presentation, Al Taylor, Peter Coffin and Virginia Ines Vergara.

Catalog entry by Mara Hoberman,



GROUP (selected)-

Spring  2024-  When  the Tropics  are Quiet. Curated by Vladimir Cybil Charlier. Garner Art Center. New  York

Fall 2023-  The  Word Camera Means Room. Curated by Dana Notine  at Hunter College Gallery, NY, NY.

Fall 2020 El que busca, encuentra...y sigue encontrando’ curated by Danny Baez of Mercado Caribeño (MECA). White Columns. New York, New York 

Fall 2020  Fogo. curated by Carla Maldonado. SoMad.New York New York.

Summer 2020- Social Photography VIII. Curated by Peter Scott. Carriage Trade. NY, NY. 

Spring 2020. Yellow Yellow. Curated by Debora Hirsch. Milan, Italy

Summer 2019- Social Photography VII. Curated by Peter Scott. Carriage Trade. NY, NY.,115

June 2019- En Foco. Longwood Gallery. Bronx, NY. Curated by Alexander Campos. With a publication in Nueva Luz.

May 25- October 12, 2019 (group)- Eco Shifters curated by Debora Hirsch and Franco Marinotti. La Fabbrica del Cioccolato. Switzerland.

November 29, 2018- December 15, 2018 . FCA- Curated by Adam McEwen. Barbara Gladstone Gallery (21st Street location). NY, NY.

Summer 2018 Social Photography VI. Carriage Trade. NY, NY.

April-May 2018. Harlem Perspectives. With Lina Puerta, Elizabeth Colomba, Pepe Coronado, Virginia Inés Vergara, Elizaveta Meksin, Jaime Permuth, Stan Squirewell, Elaine Reichek and Renee Cox. Faction Art Projects. NY, NY.

February-March 2018. Arcadia. Curated by Peter Scott. Magenta Planes.

Jennifer Bolande, Ethan Breckenridge, Francis Cape, Vija Celmins, Barbara Ess, Jeff Gibson, Dan Graham and Robin Hurst, Neil Jenney, Virginia Inés Vergara NY, NY.

June 2017. Uptown. Inaugural exhibition at Columbia University’s new art complex. Curated by Deborah Cullen. NY, NY.

Summer 2017. Social Photography V. Carriage Trade.. NY, NY.

Spring 2017. She Creates. with Kianja Strobert. Tambaran Gallery. NY, NY

November 2013- 2014. Dialogues. Tabaran Gallery. Co-Curated (with Yulia Topchiy) as well as participating artist. NY, NY

Fall 2013. RE_001: First Communion of Anemic Young Girls In The Snow and other works.  Curated by Marco Antonini.. Brooklyn, NYFall 2012. 

Strange Glue. Thompson Gallery. Weston, MA June 28- July 22, 2012. 

Down Street Arts (solo presentation). Mohawk theater. Curated by Valeria Federici. North Adams, MA.

November 2011. Project Paz. Curated by Anne Huntington. NY, NY. 

November 2011. "Name. Date. Title." Ford Project in collaboration with Black Lots . Curated by Tim Goossens. NY NY.

Spring 2011. Triple Nickel Projects. Curated by Allegra LaViola. NY, NY. 

March 2011. Start at the Top. Neue National Galerie. . Berlin, German

February 2011. A Lot of Possibilities (exhibition curated by Anna Lisa Jensen and Valeria Federici), Gallery 51. Clarksburg, MA.

December 2010. A Lot of Possibilities. Site specific work.. Funded by Lower Manhattan Cultural Center (LMCC) and New York State Council on the Arts. NY, NY.

April 2010. Hell No! (group show). Curated by RJ Supa and David Fierman. Saint Cecilia’s Convent.  Brooklyn, NY. 

March 2010. Tools for Thought . Curated by Diana Campbell. Sotheby’s. NY, NY.

February-March 2010. Portrait of a Lady (group show). Curated by Allegra LaViola at Allegra LaViola Gallery (now Shrine Gallery), NY, NY

July 2009-September 2009. Summer Salon (group show), LaViola Bank Gallery, NYC. Now Charles Banks Gallery. Curated by Micheal Banks Christofferson. NY, NY

May-June 2009. MFA Thesis Show. Developed with Prof. Constance DeJong and Prof. Reiner Leist. Hunter College. NY, NY

Fall 2007. MAs select MFAs. Curated by Mara Hoberman. Times Square Art Gallery, Hunter College, CUNY. With accompanying catalog entry by Mara Hoberman. NY, NY



June 2009. MFA, Photography, Hunter College, CUNY. With honors.

Fall 2008. Universität der Künste (UDK), Berlin (Hunter MFA exchange program).

June 2005. BFA with honors from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, RI. With honors.

Fall 2003-Summer 2004. RISD European Honors Program (EHP), Palazzo Cenci, Rome.

Residencies and Grants:

LMCC (2010), NY State Council on the Arts (2010), Roctowa, Kingston, Jamaica (2011 and 2012), En Foco (2019)

Publications and Press (selected)- Nueva Luz (2019), Fabrikzeitung Nr.345, Januar/Februar 2019, Brooklyn Rail (2018), Artforum, Artnet, New York Times, New Yorker and Financial Times (2017)

Talks and workshops  (Selected)- University of New Hampshire (2022) Lafayette College(2021) Hunter college (ongoing), Columbia University (2017), Edna Manley College, Kingston, Jamaica (2011 and 2012 ).